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"A Oral History of the Terminated Uinta Indians"

"There is sure to be some who will disagree with this article. It is a brief Oral history and is compiled from many hours of private interview's with Elders of the Uinta Band who lived this nightmare known as Termination.

The history plus the effects of Termination upon the Uinta Band who are tied into Government policy calling them Ute are truly Uinta Band Shoshone according to the Shoshone Goship Treaty of 1864.

Research into the discrimination on the Uintah & Ouray Reservation towards the Uinta Band was found to have began with the Indian Reorganization Act (I.R.A.) of 1934 which was implemented on the reservation in 1937. According to Oral history, the Government had to bring in interpreters as translators because the Uinta Band could not communicate with the other two Ute Bands cause the Uinta’s spoke Shoshone not Ute, the Indians on the reservation rejected the IRA when it was first introduced in 1934, but the Government asked them to try it for three years. They said that at the end of the three year period Government Officials would return and hold a referendum by the tribal members which was never held. In 1937 the IRA was put into motion as policy decreeing the IRA tribal charter and bylaws.

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