Brigadier General
Ezell Ware (Retired)

California National Guard,
U.S. Marine's and U.S. Army

Dennis Chappabitty with Brig. General Ezell Ware

Our Attorney, Dennis Chappabitty had the privilege of serving with General Ware in 1974 and became life long friend's. Their path's cross recently at a book signing. The time they spend together, Dennis was able to inform General Ware about the Case of Felter-vs-Norton. The following link is a copy of a July 15th 2005 letter that Dennis received from General Ware.

Ezell Ware Jr. recently retired as a Brigadier General from the California National Guard after a long and distinguished career which included service with the U.S. Marine's and Army for which he was highly decorated. General Ware currently lives in Austin Texas.

General Ware is the Author of a book titled "By Duty Bound - Survival and Redemption in a Time of War." in which he recounts his Viet Nam experience's. The General's book was published this year, 2005.

Letter from General Ezell Ware Jr.