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From: Char & Cam
To: Forrest Cuch
Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 9:53 AM
Subject: Greetings

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, it is my understanding that according to the Ute Partition Act, you must be more than one half Ute. Is this correct?

Are you a full blood Ute? With no other Indian blood? And from my understanding isn't your wife full blood Wampanoag ? And wouldn't that make your son, Cameron only half Ute? Lastly, how is it that he is on the roll?

I am looking for friends not foes. My mother Donna Land & my father Ron Murdock, as well as 488 others were done a major injustice. It is about time that what happened is made right. I am not suing nor am I looking to get back monies due. I want my heritage & my rights back.

Most Americans do not know of this Utah Shame, and I intend to tell all. I am in the process of writing every Senator & Congressman/woman as well as such persons like Montel Williams, Dr. Phil, Oprah and the likes.

In 1954 the government started a plan to terminate ALL Indians. If that plan followed through as they wanted, you sir would be sitting right next to me. You would also be in our shoes, your rights would have been taken away, your heritage lost. You, Forrest would be a member of what I am calling "The Lost Tribe".

Thank you for your time in reading this. I look forward to working with you, if in fact you choose to help our endeavor.

From The Christian Science Monitor: Although recognition brought some limited financial and land gains, it acknowledged something more fundamental. "What that recognition did was say to us something that we as a people never forgot - that we have the right to exist," says Woody Vanderhoop, a high school senior who appears headed next year for an Ivy League university.


Camille Murdock-Ezelle