Oranna meets with “Assistant Secretary of the Interior Larry Echohawk in Salt Lake City”

Dear Editor,

I wanted to write this letter to the editor, not just for the members of the terminated mixed blood members of Utah but for all concerned individuals who know what happened to the terminated mixed bloods, here in our community and counties, who tell me they look often at the paper to see if I have wrote anything, thank you for having confidence in me.

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Oranna and Larry EchoHawk

When Larry Echo Hawk, was sworn in as “Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs” in Washington D.C. The first of the year, I received an invitation to attend his swearing ceremony, but could not attend.

Last Friday (August 28th) I received a call from Assistant Secretary of the Interiors Aid, who asked me if I could meet with Mr. Echo Hawk on September 1st at Thanksgiving Point in Salt Lake City and I accepted the invitation.

My husband and I met with Mr. Echo Hawk and it was a great honor to shake the hand of the “Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs.” I presented him with a letter from Attorney Dennis Chappabitty, and presented him with other documents, pertaining to the termination of the mixed blood Ute of Utah. We had a good conversation concerning the termination and how it has affected a lot of the mixed blood people and their descendant’s.

It was quite an honor to personally sit with the “New” Assistant Secretary of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs, as I don't recall any terminated mixed bloods being asked to meet with either the Secretary of the Interior or the Assistant Secretary of the Interior. (I might be wrong if I am correct me)

Thanks to all our people, and never give up, miracles do happen! Thanks to the ones in our community who support the Terminated 490 and their descendents.

Oranna B. Felter, Roll #32
Terminated Mixed Blood Ute of the Uinta Band of Utah