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No Justice at the end of the Tunnel

By: Illa Chivers
Dated May 5th 2007

My thought's on the latest case known as "Ute Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation,et al., vs. Ute Distribution Corporation, et al.,." And the damage created by P.L. 671 (The Ute Partition Act of 1954).

It' looks like the Utah Mormon politicians have done away with the Uinta owners of Executive Order 1861. The Interior Department said the Uinta's are not a tribe in their own right. This statement is the exact same statement made about the so-called Affiliated Ute Citizens of the State of Utah. The behind closed door amendments to the 51 agreement and P.L. 671 (the Ute Partition Act of 1954) has finally set up the Reservation so it can be abolished for Utah interest.

No protection by the U.S. Government, whose sole interest is to completely eliminate the Uinta's and other Native tribes of the United States of America using their laws and Court's to commit Genocide without firing a shot.

In Utah, it looks like the only people with the right to a bloodline inheritance (Pedigree) are the Mormons. The Ute Tribe non-treaty Indians have managed to steal an entire reservation without having a treaty to the land. With the true holder to the treaty, the Uinta's as outcasts, the government can, in time, abolish the Uintah and Ouray Reservation. The is sure to position Senator Hatch and Senator Bennett high on the totem poll, right up there with those Utah politicians from the past who set up and started the encroachment to take the reservation from the Indians. The great Mormon leader, Brigham Young told the Indian people, "We will take it a valley at a time."

The discrimination the Ute Tribe brought against the Mixed Blood Uinta's over the past 53 years has set a precedence in tribal government which many tribes are using as a guide line to create greed and unhappiness among their own people by setting up committees to disinherit their own people.

It's as if the Indian Nations have been infected by a disease that is slowly consuming them. A well-baited trap.

The American Flag Is Upside Down Over 490 Mixed Blood Uinta Indians And Their Decedent’s In The State Of Utah.

The UDC(2) mentions the 490" terminated Indians, in this litigation, it has to, to hide the fact by the use of the names and or roll numbers to legally present cases which is detrimental to their operation according to By Laws set forth from the beginning.

This Corporation dose not tell the courts, that most of the Terminated Indians are not affiliated with them, because if they did the US Government may step in to review why these Indians have faced a 55 years of struggle to save themselves from facing the Genocide of their people.

"I for one am tired of being a Pawn for John S. Boyden’s, pet Indian rip off, The UDC Corporation of Utah." John S. Boyden Via Bryon Croft and associates drafted the Ute Partition Act. For years these down trodden Indians have tried to get the US Government to make amends to this corrupt existence the Indians witness hidden by the color of law, by every means they could.

When Senator Mark Andrews was seated in Washington D. C. He put the word out to help these Indian people though the BIA and other agencies. Utah politicians blocking the way at every turn in the road.

Recently some Indians had faith that Senator John McCain would be interested in this crusade for justice, however Mr. McCain is siding with the Utah politicians accordingly.

There is injustice in the land of the free, a place where the United States of America, Tells the world of it’s righteousness, while turning a deft ear to the cry’s of these Native American Indian people who’s lives have been destroyed under the color of Law.

The congress plus the United States Senate in a redress for once, in good conscience could Defend A Native Americans struggle to survive. Perhaps the cold & uncaring politicians who have helped to destroy the owners as the law intended to do in its.

Descriptive Recall

I forgot to mention that during my research when I found these files missing at the United States Archives. For over a half hour I retrace my steps to make sure I was looking into the right file.

There was a man watching me who evidently worked as a janitor in the Archives building. He finally approached me and told me the records you are looking have been taken out by the FBI. I know where they are and if you will trust me with $ 30.00 I will see to it you receive this Census you are trying to find. I handed this old gentleman thirty Dollars, then devised a route to get them back to Utah, address & all but not my own address. In about three weeks this information showed up at the designated address.

I met Tim Coulter who was with the Institute for the Development for Indian law. I went to their building to find a copy of the Executive Order. We, still have these census rolls. Hopefully in a safe place. Our Indian ancestors were listed as full blood Indian in accordance with federal Indian law where one drop of blood constituted Indian.

In 1916 the Government put the whiteriver Utes and the Uinta Band on the same census roll. Back in Utah the Whiteriver band started claiming half interest to the reservation as theirs, claiming they bought it. The next Census taken in the following years, the Ute Bands were divided into sections Uinta, Whiteriver & Uncompahgre.

Today the Utes claim the reservation because of the 1950 Agreement that was forced onto the Uinta Band. The 1950 agreement eventually grew into the Ute Partition Act. Read Julius Twohy statement about how Rex Curry & the Claims attorneys took over the meeting on that day. Julius Twohy called, the Uinta Band the True Utes who would loose their roots with the actions perpetrated by these claims attorneys and acting BIA officials. When the Bands were segregated the Uinta Band had the controlling Vote by head count in popular referendum via Guidelines of the IRA Act. Termination took 3/4 of the Uinta Band out; from that time on there were not enough Uinta to hold the reservation together.

The Tribal Business committee now has two of the Confederated Bands of Ute from Colorado setting in making decisions on reservation business. Two to one votes cannot protect the Uinta band interests the fourth being the Ute Distribution Corporation protecting the non-Indian stockholders interest. In Washington D.C. UDC Corporation is called the Ute Development Corporation. I'm trusting this information will in some small way help DC and others to understand some of the History.

The reason I, myself kept trying to find justice some way some how is a long time ago I was going from house to house to find our people, like the department of the Interior said to do. I came to one of my cousins' home. There were three little children playing outside barefooted in the snow. This alarmed me, I got out of my car & suggested to these little children you better get inside & put your shoes on before you freeze your feet. This little person told me, we have no shoes! This cut me so deep that all the time I visited these children’s parents I was fighting back the tears.

When I finally cut short the visit. I wept while driving to another home. Politicians in The State of Utah had brought many of these emancipated Indian to this existence and no one cared, them that did, were themselves many in the same boat.)

(1) The Ute Partition Act of 1954.
(2) Ute Distribution Corporation.

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