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Claims become simply wars of attrition, won by those with the deepest pockets and strongest nerve. The more complex the case becomes the longer it takes, the greater the risk to the claimant of the causal link being broken. Justice delayed is justice denied and that in my experience has been the first line of defense by firms, their insurers, and government. Rather than the merits of a claim. With the passage of time the fundamental principle in determining the quantum of loss becomes increasingly complex regarding forseeability and causation. This is a Governmental defensive tactic used against the Plaintiff's charge

Lawyers being lawyers it should be of no surprise to realise the very bright minds at the top who have been instrumental in shaping their governance, exploit every weakness to the disadvantage of the generally uninformed public. In practice every conceivably obstruction is placed in the path to justice to frustrate a complainant and the whole point is to subdue the opponent into compromise or simply give up because they are unequal to the demands of pursuit. It is a travesty of justice that truly requires to be put under the micro-scope to see that below the glossy surface, there is a heaving microbial soup of sleaze.

Having replaced the guide of traditional morality with the arbitrary opinions of sections of the community, the Ute Partition Act became a tyrant; a tool of persecution to be used against the terminated mixed blood Uinta's and their Children.

Justice is the upholding of good over evil, and therefore depends entirely upon the ability to recognise good from evil: a judgement that can only be rational if it is based upon an a moral code, which is an unselfish understanding. For if it reflects the judgement of selfishness, an understanding that lacks a moral code, then it must be irrational, and hence unjust: which is why justice has not been dispensed by the Court's of the United State, in this matter.

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