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Roosevelt Utah

Letters to the Editor

Felter deserves kudos for effort

02 Sept. 2008

Dear Editor

I read the letter to the editor ďAUC responds to Felter group,Ē in last week's paper, and I wanted to make a short reply.

I know a lot of people who have been associated with the AUC, but have quietly slipped into other groups or sat idly by. The AUC has very few who support them or associated with them.

As far as I am concerned, Oranna is the only one who has dedicated her life to her people and showing them by going to court for almost five years in the '80s to win hunting and fishing rights for the terminated mixed-blood people.

There were only a few people then that stuck by her side and supported her and it sure as heck wasnít any of the ones who claim to be board members of the AUC, although most of them go hunting and fishing because Oranna cared enough about the rights of her and her people to open the door for them too even though they bash her every time they get a chance.

They should think of what she has done for them.

She has always been the one to step forward and to try and make things better for the terminated people because she knows the suffering and heartache most of them have suffered and is in contact with a lot of them. Some of the original 490 who still have their UDC stock shares havenít suffered like the ones who donít have theirs.

Now that the petition drive is such a success and all of the terminated people wanted the petitions done, let's not spoil a good thing, just because there is a few bad apples in the bushel. Let's proceed to help Oranna in any way we can, and thank her for always being there for us, as she never gets any thanks, just bashing from the ones that donít want to put their heads on the chopping board, but want to take credit.

In closing, I hope Oranna will turn a deaf ear to all the negative things that have been said about her. She is a good person with a dream of making things better for all the terminated mixed bloods.

Rikki VanAusdale
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