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Civil Rights Leader

by: Oranna B. Felter
Lead Plaintiff, Felter v. Kempthorne

January 17, 2008

This Monday January 21 is a National Holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, who was an advocate and outspoken leader of civil rights, freedom, equality and justice for all.

Martin Luther King was a true humanitarian and a leader in civil rights for all people of all color and races.

Martin Luther King's "Dream" was for justice for all, for everyone to be treated equally.

Martin Luther King's visionary leadership and message of racial equality should serve as a reminder to our Nation and the State of Utah, that there remains an Act of Congress, the Ute Partition and Termination Act (UPA) that was enacted in 1954 on basis of "Race and blood lines." History shows that the UPA is a law based on nothing more than evil motives of many of our own Indian people and organizations, Federal Officials, Senators and Congressmen that continues to hold the terminated Mixed-Blood Uinta's and their descendents "Hostage to a racial law that controls the destiny and lives of the Terminiated Mixed-Bloods Uinta's and their Descendents.

When remembering the struggles and cruel irony that history presented to the Black Americans when they were fighting for racial equalitiy in the 1950's and 60's, remember that right here in the State of Utah, Duchesne and Uintah Counties that our own American Indians were being branded on racial blood lines as "Mixed-Blood's" by Congress and Federal Officials who carried out the long repudiated Federal policy of "termination of American Indians" and stripped adults and minor children of their Native Identity and that sthis law still exists to this day over fifty years later.

Firmly and with pain in my heart, I say not only to the living Terminated Mixed-Bloods and their descendents, but also to my spirit people, that we will never go away and we will take every chance to throw light of honor and the truth of the termination that has taken the lives of our proud people, while our own Country, whom many of our terminated group has been military veterans, sat idly by and done nothing to protect us as United States Citizens.

Yes, Martin Luther King "Had A Dream" but until the termination of the Mixed-Blood Uinta's is gone, Martin Luther King's fight for equality, civil rights and Justice for all has not yet been completed and the pain and agony continues to live and breathe.

Oranna B. Felter, Terminated American Indian
Lead Plaintiff, Felter v. Kempthorne
P.O. Box 465,
Fort Duchesne, Utah 84026

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