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Live Broadcast on April 17, 2007

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Host and Producer Harlan Mckosato with Attorney Dennis G. Chappabitty

On April 17, 2007, Dennis Chappabitty of the Comanche Nation, attorney for the terminated Uintas, was the guest on the Native America Calling radio program (NAC) which was broadcast live from Albuqueque, New Mexico. With Oranna B. Felter, Alvin Denver and Cal Hackford on the phone from Roosevelt, Utah.

The title of the program was "Termination and a Journey for Justice." (Listen to the broadcast)

Left to Right, Alvin Denver, Oranna B. Felter, and Cal Hackford at Oranna's home in Roosevelt, Utah during the broadcast.

Oranna B. Felter, Cal Hackford, and Alvin Denver were minor's when they had their status as a member's of the Uinta Band of Ute Indians taken away. They were able to discuss, with Harlan and his world wide radio listeners, the Ute partition Act of 1954 and the effects this action has had on their lives and why the pending Lawsuit known as Felter v. Kempthorne was filed.

Harlan McKosato
Harlan McKosato, Host & Producer, of Native America Calling

Harlan McKosato is a member of the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma and grew up on the Iowa reservation in north central Oklahoma. He recently returned to NAC as the host/producer in December, 2006. He began as an associate producer for NAC in June 1995, and was promoted to producer/director in August 1996. He took over hosting duties in September 1997, serving as host/managing editor before resigning in April 2004.   » BIO