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You must understand that this is not a "one way street" since you, as plaintiff's have obligations to help pay for the cost and expenses in the case. Without continued funding, my job will be more difficult. We will also not be effective in getting the message out to the world about the injustice that has to be wiped away by the Court or by Congress.

When everyone joined the case, I asked that each one pay a certain original amount of funds to join the case along with signing the forms that binds you to the case. The form also stated that you "donate and pledge" your monetary support of our case. "Pledge" means that should we have to ask for more funds further down the road that you the members would continue to support the case.

I notice that there is a lot of our members who have not paid their original amounts to join the case. There are also many of you who have not paid the requested Two hundred Dollares that I asked be donated the first of "last year" because I knew the "Appeal" would cost a lot of money.

I am now asking that all of these accounts be paid in full within a "thirty" day, no excuses, or you may risk the possibility of being eliminated from this most important case in our times.

I am also requesting that each member on our case send in a donation of Two Hundred Dollars within a "thirty day" period as our war chest is running at all time low. We need to have the funds available to proceed on with the case. The donations that "each of you donate are the only funds we have to fight this case with. We now have to prepare to go into Judge Roberts' Court and funds need to be available when I need them.

I want to "Thank all of the Members" for all the support you have given Me, Oranna, Earl, Cal and all of you who have worked and "sweated" so hard on this case. I am so proud of you for sticking by us and now we will journey on to the next hurtle with a prayer in our Hearts and Spirit and Pride in what we have achieved with this "victory." Our job is not yet done though! I am expecting all of you keep pitching in since this is a "two-way street."

I look forward to seeing each of you as soon as Judge Roberts decision comes down. I expect that I will need to hold a personal meeting in Roosevelt, as soon as the decision is handed down. Until then, pray for me, for the group and for all our Ancestors to be with us and guide all of us to a "Victory."
Stand Tall! May the Creator bless You!

Please Keep the Fires Burning so We can See our Way on the Journey for Justice."

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