Oranna Bumgarner Felter


"Lead Plaintiff

Oranna Bumgarner Felter was born in 1944, during the height of world war Two, on the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation located in the Northeastern corner of Utah near the Wyoming and Colorado borders. She was the third child of Samuel (Sam), a United States Marine at that time, and Elizabeth (Liz) Bumgarner. Besides Oranna, Liz and Sam also had two sons and two Daughters.

Oranna B. Felter in Native Dress

Oranna's Father was a handsome Cherokee and Choctaw Indian from Porum, Oklahoma. Her Mother was a leader of the mixed-blood Uinta's in the 1940's and 1950's. Oranna's Grandparents on her Mothers side was Oran Curry, half Ute and Della (Harris) Curry an Indian of mixed Indian decent. Her Great-Grandparents was Henry E. Harris a Full-blood Northern Piaute from Nevada and Mary (Reed) Harris a Uinta of mixed white and Shoshone parents. Her Grandfather Oran Curry was a member of the Uncompahgre Band of Ute Indian's; Liz, Della, Henry and Mary were all members of the Uinta Band.

As a child Oranna was brought up in the beliefs, Traditions, and Customs of the Uinta Band of Ute Indians. She grew up on the Reservation in Ft. Duchesne and attended school at Alterra, Todd, located on Indian Bench and Union High School in Roosevelt, Utah. She spent her childhood not only in Ft. Duchesne but also in the hills and valleys of the Majestic snow capped Uinta Mountains, where her Grandpa Curry was a Tribal Game Warden and a Forest Ranger. These were the happiest days of her life. Her memories of those days are as numerous as the hairs on the winter coat of the sleeping Bear.

Oranna B. Felter in Native Dress

At the young age of 17, Oranna fell in love and married Bert D. Moosman a good looking man from Whiterocks, Utah. Oranna and Bert had two girls, Kimberlee and Mitzi. In 1976 Bert was tragically killed in a work related accident. One year later Oranna's life took a turn for the better when she met, fell in love with, and married Dee Felter who Oranna had know from high school. Today Oranna and Dee have three children, Oranna's two Daughters and Dee's son Isaac, eight Grandchildren and three Great-Grandchildren. Both Oranna and Dee feel they've been blessed and will celebrate 30 years of Marriage this coming April 2007.

With the passage of the Ute Partition Act in 1954, Oranna's life she loved as a child was suddenly turned upside down. Her and her people’s way of life was taken from them and destroyed and she has had to endure the tragedies that followed.

Because of the guidance and love she received as a child. Her core values and beliefs in the Creator, the customs and Traditions of her people have never left her. It is these values and beliefs that have made her who she is today. The beating of the sacred Drum still beats loudly in her heart. The Spirits of her Ancestors surrounds her with their love and makes her strong.

With this strength she has become a Warrior mounted on a mighty war pony. That war pony now carries this great Warrior, who the Spirit’s call “Redwillow.”

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