The Racial, Cultural and Political Genocide of 490 member's of the Uinta Band of Northern Ute Indian's is real. Learn the true story of their fifty year struggle and quest for Spiritual and Legal Justice!

It is not a widely known fact that the American Indian is not considered a minority race by the United States Government.

Can a group of any race be changed with just a stroke of a pen? The answer is YES! If that group is a part of a race that is not classified as a minority or even considered a race of people by the Government of the United States...

In 1954, with the stroke of a pen, or was it a magic wand, this group of 490 American Indian's was no longer Indian according to a law passed by Congress. That law is know as the "Ute Partition Act."

Because of this law, these Indian's of Mixed descend, who were born into the Uinta Band of Ute's within the Uinta Basin on the southern slope's of the Uinta Mountains in the State of Utah, were told they were no longer Indian and the treaties that they Grandparents made with the United States did not apply to them any longer and were forced to give up all they had as Indian! They were forced to give up their Religion and Culture, to change, because the Government said so and then set them adrift.

Now its been fifty years and these Indian's are fighting back trying to regain their identity, religion and culture. Your help is greatly needed. All we ask is that you contact your Senator's and Congressman in Washington D.C. and ask them to look into this problem. We're not asking for a hand out, but that this policy of "Termination" be reversed.