America's Shame Continued

Congress needs to know what we are suffering thru!

We have two sample letter's that you can send to your Senator's and Congressman! Click here for those who are named in the complaint and for those who are willing to support us click here. Name's and the addresses of your local Congressman and Senator's whom you can contact.

Phone contacts and E-Mail addresses:

Attorney -

Lead Plaintiff - - (435) 722-3220

Information on Termination - Alvin R. (Sonny) Denver - (435) 722-0230

Webmaster & Publisher of the Newsletter - - (661) 765-2967

"To domesticate and civilize wild Indians is a noble work, the accomplishment of which should be a crown of glory to a nation. but to allow them to drag along year after year and generation after generation, in their old superstitions, laziness and filth, when we have the power to elevate them in the scale of humanity, would be a lasting disgrace to our government." Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Hiram Price, 1881

The easiest thing in the world to do is to pass judgment. To find fault with what other men or women living in another century had to say. To examine those words, however, is necessary and fair and in the very least they seem hypocritical, considering this is a country supposedly founded on tolerance's to individual differences beginning with Religion and Cultures.

It begs the questions: How is it that there is no place for us today? Why did we become an inconvenience to outside ambitions and greed in our own land? They have a lot to answer for. Their fingerprints are everywhere!!!

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