Terminated Mixed-Blood Uinta Biographies

Individual Plaintiff's of
Felter -vs- Kempthorne.

These are the life stories of a group of individual Native American's and what the effect the "Ute Partition Act" has had on them and their family's!

Fall Camp, a painting by Urshel Taylor
Copyright © Urshel Taylor

Naturitch (kolb) Nielsen
"A Women of Resilience"

On the cold spring morning of May 31, 1915, in Leeton, Utah. A beautiful baby girl was born to Donald Isaac Kolb and Ethel Daniels Kolb. They named her Naturitch, after the heroine from the play written by Edwin Milton Royle “The Squaw Man." Her name being difficult to pronounce she was called “Sis” throughout the family.  << Read Naturitch's complete Story >>

Alvin Richardson Denver
"Terminated Mixed Blood Uinta, Roll #87"

Alvin (Sonny) Richardson Denver was born June 24, 1920 in Fort Duchesne on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation. As a child He spoke the language of the Uinta's until He was forced to attend the local Government school in Whiterocks Utah, where as a child He was punished for speaking his native language and for having long hair and braids, which they cut off!  << More about this America Indian Veteran >>

Elmer L. Hackford
"A Proud Native American"

On March 3, 1922 Elmer L. Hackford was born to George Thomas and Sarah Jane Hackford. Elmer was born at home on the kitchen table with his Grandpa Thomas Hackford performing the roll of a midwife bring him into this world.

His Grandparents were Thomas and Drusilla (Howell) Hackford, Phillip and Margaret Mary Van. << Elmer's Story >>

Connie Mack Denver Sr.
"A Traditional Healer, Roll #89"

Connie Mack Denver was born on October 14, 1913 in Fort Duchesne Utah, the first Son and second child of Elmer Denver Sr. and Mary May (Harris) Denver. As a youth, Connie was raised, as was all his brothers and sisters, in the traditions of his parents and Grandparents.

In his youth, Dad was educated at the local Whiterocks Indian school and later on as a young Man attended Brigham Young University in Provo UT then transferred to the University of Southern California. << More >>

Mary May (Reed) Harris
"Matriarch of Many, Roll#168"

Mary May (Reed) Harris was Ute, although her father was white and her mother an Eastern Shoshone she concedered herself Ute. She was born in Greenriver, Wyoming on Novermber 8, 1858 to James B. Reed and Margaret “Wy-vee-da” Young. She was the oldest of eight children. When she was eight years old her father moved his family to Brown’s Hole, north of Vernal, Utah than later they moved to Whiterocks on the reservation where her father helped to establish the Uinta Agency. <<  More >>

Henry Ernest (Brig) Harris Jr.
"Too-monchou," Roll#166"

Henry was born in the coldest part of the year, in Whiterocks, (Uintah County) Utah on January 31, 1896 to Henry E Harris and Mary May Reed. He was the fifth child out of eight children and was named after his Father.   More >>

Elizabeth (Curry) Bumgarner (Pooweguep)
"A Woman of Courage, Roll#30"

On the cold night of January 25, 1918 in Randlette Utah, beautiful Indian girl was born to Della Ella (Harris) Curry and Oran Franklin Curry. Oran Curry at thetime was a Tribal police officer and Della was a housewife. They gave her the name of "Elizabeth Alice curry.” (Although a lot of people call her Alice her true name is "Elise" after her fathers sister Elise Pawonnie.)  More >>

Elizabeth Marleen (Marly) Bumgarner
Original 490 roll #34

Elizabeth Marleen Bumgarner was born on August 14, 1952. I still remember the day Marleen was born. She was born during the annual Sundance. The day Marleen was born is still fresh in my memory because my Father and Mother ran the Concession Stand at the Sundance grounds near Whiterocks, Utah, where they sold Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Candy, Pop and the usual foods. Dad always had a large pot of stew or beans cooking along with Fry Bread and plenty of fresh hot Coffee to wash it all down.”  More >>

Samuel Reginald (Reggie) Bumgarner
"Fallen Warrior"

Samuel Reginald (Reggie) Bumgarner was born at the old hospital in Fort Duchesne, Utah on February 28, 1938 to Samuel Walker Bumgarner Jr. and Elizabeth Curry Bumgarner. Reggie was the "First Born" of the Bumgarner Children. He was a Cute Baby. With Dark almost black eyes and beautiful Curley, wavy black hair.  More >>