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Counsel of Record

Report's 6 thru 10

Counsel of Record Report #6
February 26, 2004

AS FOR THE CURRENT STATUS OF FELTER, et al., V. NORTON, et al., we are waiting for U.S. District Court Judge Roberts to make his decision on the defendants’ Motion to Dismiss our civil action. The defendants filed their reply to our Opposition to their Motion to Dismiss on November 26, 2003. Although I cannot state with any degree of precision on when we can expect his decision, I would predict that his decision will be issued by March 26, 2004 or 4 month after briefing was completed.  more >>

Counsel of Record Report #7
June 13, 2004

In my last Counsel of Record Report, I had predicted that U.S. District Court Judge Roberts would issue his decision on whether to dismiss our federal civil action in Felter v. Norton by March 26, 2004. Judge Roberts has not yet issued his decision on defendants’ motion to dismiss. We are all anxiously waiting for his decision and I will make sure that the decision is posted on the our internet website as quickly as I receive it.  more >>

Counsel of Record Report #8
September 16, 2004

As we are all aware, U.S. District Court Judge Roberts has not yet rendered his decision in our federal civil action, Felter, et al. -v- Norton, et al., No. 1:02 CV 2156 (RWR). The U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, is a court where may civil actions of major proportions are filed against the United States government. Many of these federal civil actions seek to question various aspects of the federal government’s legal duties and responsibilities in administering Acts of Congress such as the Ute Partition Act. Other plaintiffs sue the federal government over interpretations and applications of the Constitution and its Amendments.  more >>

Counsel of Record Report # 9
December 5, 2004

In my last Report, I urged our prayers for the health those Elder Uinta plaintiffs who have stood beside us in our battle for justice. I am saddened to hear about the recent passing of Alvin Richardson Denver who passed away at the age of 84 on November 20, 2004. I always referred to “Big Sonny”(Roll #87) as our Terminated Mixed-blood “poster boy” since he exemplified the glaring injustice, the Ute Partition Act, that stands as a shameful chapter of American History. He served his military service in WWII as a combat “SeaBee” in the Pacific War Theatre.  more >>

Counsel of Record Report #10
March 16, 2005

For the Report, I have included my letter to Senator John McCain, Chairman, Senate Committee on Indian Affair. I will let my letter speak for itself as part of our continuing efforts to educate the public about the Felter case and the wicked evil nature of the UPA. I will send the same letter (w/Report #9) addressed to each of the other members of the Committee. We are all awaiting the decision of U.S. District Court Judge Richard W. Roberts. I am certainly surprised that the decision on the defendant United States’ motion to dismiss our case. I pray each day that the decision with be forthcoming and favor our quest for justice.  more >>

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