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Counsel of record

Report's 11 thru 15

Counsel of Record Report #11
July 21, 2005

Our client "update," held on July 2, 2005 in Roosevelt, Utah on the Felter federal civil action currently before U.S. District Court Judge Roberts in Washington D.C. was an overwhelming Success! I want to thank all of you who were able to attend for filling the meeting hall with positive energy and prayers! The raffle was a success and the food was very delicious.   more >>

Counsel of Record Report #12
September 5, 2005

It has been two months since our last meeting in Roosevelt, Utah. In the meantime, we have seen yet another tragedy of unimagined proportions hit our United States of America. Hurricane Katrina has left a swath of death and destruction in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast States of Alabama and Mississippi. Thousand of lives have been lost and the lives of those who survived this great horrendous tragedy will be forever scarred by natural and man-made events that were beyond their control. We can sympathize with those unfortunate fellow Americans in the South who had their identity, families and valuable possessions with them on day and the next day they were gone.  more >>

Counsel of Record Report #13
December, 2005

How to turn water into wine and a piece of paper into gold
The realities of Federal Indian Law prove that cheater, deceivers, and liars often win over honest citizens simply seeking justice in the Federal Court to correct injuries to their property or rights caused by the United States of America (USA). My Report will explain some of the basic tricks of the trade employed by the USA to make sure the thieves and liars keep what they stole from Indians that is supposed to be zealously protected by the “Great White Father”.  more >>

Counsel of Record Report #14
July, 2006

My last communication to you was a letter titled "From my Heart and in Response to Judge Roberts "Decision", dated January 31, 2006. This Counsel Report #14 serves to notify all of you that the Clerk of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued a Scheduling Order on June 23, 2006. The Clerk's orders establishes the following briefing schedule for the parties in Felter, et al, v, Kempthorne, Secretary of Interior, et al.:   more >>

Counsel of Record Report #15
September, 2006

The purpose of this "Of Counsel Report #15" will let you know the status of the preparation and filing of the Apellant's Opening Brief in Felter, et al, v. Kempthorne, Secretary of Interior, et al.

I filed a motion to extend the time for filing our Opening Brief until Monday, August 21, 2006. This was a two week extension from the original filing date of August 7. By the time you receive this report the Opening Brief will have been filed. I am in the actual drafting process of the Opening Brief and you should be informed of what we are dealing with in the appeal of Judge Roberts January 27, 2006 dismissal of the Felter Amended Complaint.   more >>

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