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Counsel of Record

Report's 21, 22 & 23

Counsel of Record Report #21
January, 2009

It has been sometime since I have corresponded with you on our case. As, we proceed through into the “New Year” of 2009, it is only fitting that I touch base with you. We have decided we can no longer afford to send out Newsletters or conduct any other activities or meetings because it is too expensive. Conservation of extremely limited funds to support the case is the rule at this time. So I have advised Oranna and Earl that no more Newsletters will be printed and sent until sometime in the near future. One problem is that many of our members do not forward their current addresses and that causes a waste of operating funds. I urge you to keep Oranna advised on any address changes.  more >>

Counsel of Record Report #22
November 2009

By: Dennis G. Chappabitty.

Dear Plaintiffs,

There was an Important Notice sent out to each of you the last part of June, 2009. This Notice was not a Counsel of Record Report, but a very important Notice. I would like to thank the ones who choose to continue to help with this most important lawsuit, but at this time I feel it necessary to give you an update.  more >>

Counsel of Record Report #23
December 27, 2009

This is a personal letter from me to all of our Plaintiffs in Felter to update you on recent events in your case.


On October 27, 2009, U.S. District Court Judge Richard W. Roberts issued a “Minute Order” directing the parties to file “supplemental memoranda regarding the preclusive effects of the prior judgments” that the defendants noted in their motion to dismiss filed way back on August 31, 2007. I welcomed the Judge’s Minute Order after almost 14 months of no action taken in your case. Judge Roberts established December 1 as the date for filing the supplemental memoranda.

Because the new Assistant U.S. Attorney assigned to handle the case got the swine flu, the defendant U.S. was granted an extension of time until December 21 to file the memoranda. The U.S. filed another motion to extend the deadline for the parties to file their memoranda on December 16 asking the Court to reset the date to January 4, 2010. Judge Roberts has not granted the extension of time as of this date. I assume he will grant it soon.  more >>

Counsel of Record Report #24
March 11, 2010

To:        The Individual Felter v. Salazar Plaintiffs
From:   Dennis G. Chappabitty, Counsel of Record in Felter v. Salazar,
              Sacramento, California

               MARCH 11, 2010 - COUNSEL OF RECORD REPORT #24


As you are aware from me letter to the Plaintiffs, dated January 19, 2010, Judge Roberts, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia dismissed our case on the legal principle of "Privity."

In the meantime, I have engaged in a great deal of research to see if we could, in good faith, file an appeal of Judge Robert's decision in the United States Court of Appeals with our case. We are all aware that over 7 years has passed since the filing of this most important case seeking ultimate justice to declare the Ute Partition Act (UPA) null and void. I filed Notice of Appeal on March 11, 2010 and the Court of Appeal will forward me a full package of documents to fill our and file very soon.  more >>

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