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Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 11:27 AM
Subject: Utah Division of Indian Affairs Director

Dear Sir,

I am highly appalled that you have Forrest Cuch, acting as the Director of Indian Affairs for Utah. He comes across to many as self serving and not serving Utah natives.

I am referring to the Ute Partition Act of 1954, the genocide of 490 members of the Uinta Band of the Northern Ute Indians. Even though it was established that the quantum is now 5/8 Ute Indian blood to be recognized by the tribe. Mr. Cuch "managed", to get his two sons enrolled, and they are not 5/8 Ute Indian. They are only half, and that is what the terminated 490 are.

In an email that I sent to Mr. Cuch asking how his sons are enrolled, he answered that back in the eighties they changed the quantum "just long enough", to get his sons enrolled. Well, my question is that when they changed the quantum back to 5/8 Ute blood, wouldn't that in fact put his sons in the same boat as the terminated 490? Why then is he given the special privilege to be exempt from the Act?

This Partition Act was and still is a disgrace, even as stated by President Nixon, when he withdrew the Act in 1971. We are still trying to get our rights back.

If you look at the Arizona Navajo tribe you will see that they take care of their people and aren't prejudiced just because there is white blood present.It is amazing to me that the Ute tribe is always crying discrimination, and yet that is exactly what they are doing. Do the Hispanics require a quantum?

This was all started in an effort to terminate all Indians. And we were the guinea pigs. The Ute Partition Act needs to be reversed, and all of our people need to be recognized.

In a funny little twist, my ancestor A.M. Murdock was an Indian trader at Whiterocks and established the first trading post and general store. Duchesne was first named Dora after his daughter.

We, here in Utah need and want somebody who will put the people first and their own hidden agendas.

I am certain that the public is not aware that Mr. Cuch, is allowed to change the rules as he pleases. This is not right and very unfair to the rest of us.

Thank You,

Camille Murdock-Ezelle
2864 West 400 South
Lehi, UT 84043

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