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Mark Shaffer's interview of
Oranna Felter and Calvin Hackford

Calvin Hackford, tells Mark how "Termination" has affected him and his family.

On August 14, 2003, Mark Shaffer, of Indian Country Today visited the Uintah Basin and interviewed Oranna Felter and Calvin Hackford for an article on our case of Felter -vs- Norton. During His visit and interview, Oranna and Cal show Mark some of the sights on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation.

Before Mark's visit He did a lengthy phone interview with our Attorney Dennis Chappabitty. Mark showed great interest about the case and how termination has effected the original 490 terminated Uinta's and their descendents. He intends to follow our case very close.

As with any interview, there wasn't enough hours in the day for everyone involved to tell their story to Mark as he had an appointment in Wyoming and hopes he'll be able to attend one of our future meetings.

Mark Shaffer at
Oranna's home

Oranna told Mark that she's glad he came and is interested in our case and hope's this article will generate more coverage from not only the Native American media but also the main stream media.

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