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Indian Country Today, Op-ed page

March 4, 2008

Thank you for allowing the Readers of Indian County Today to have the opportunity to voice their opinions.

I noticed in the Feb. 22, 2008 Mr. Tim Walks Tall wrote a short article titled “Honors Mixed Bloods.” I was very impressed with Mr. Walks Tall article and felt I wanted to respond.

I am a “Terminated” American Indian who lives in Eastern Utah. We were terminated in the late 50’s early 60’s. When reading Mr. Walks Tall’s article made me think of our termination and how we were judged on “Blood Quantum.” There were only 490 in our group; out of the 490 around 260 were minor children. We were given the name “Terminated Mixed Bloods,” even though we have full bloods listed on our rolls. I like Mr. Walks Tall cannot understand how Congress or other Tribes would let the Government brand American Indians with Blood quantum s just like we were getting a pedigree like a horse or cow. These are “Racial Blood Degrees,” and should have never came into existence for the American Indian, or anyone else.

We too live our lives in peace and harmony trying to teach our children what we have been taught. We struggle with other Tribes who consider us to be “white” because the Government stamped “Terminated” on our foreheads. Our people attend Native Ceremonies but we are always looked down on. We live in constant fear for other Tribes, because as long as our termination is alive and breathing, it puts every tribe in the United States at risk of eventually being terminated. Most of our people are now Elders and we have seen things happen because of being branded “mixed blood” that no Indian should ever have to see or live.

Yes, I agree with Mr. Walks Tall the battles that are constantly being waged upon the Natives of this county would be best fought in numbers and not who the government chooses to be Indian or White regardless of their Native Heritage. If only all Native people could ban together it would be a great day, if they could only see what’s in your hearts and spirit’s and not in the name “mixed blood.”

Blessings to all of our Brothers and Sisters across this land, both full blood and mixed blood, I only see one kind of Native American I seen an Indian.

Oranna B. Felter:
“Terminated Mixed Blood” “Uinta Band Member of Utah.”

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