Naturitch (Kolb) Nielsen

A Women of Resilience!

On the cold spring morning of May 31, 1915, in Leeton, Utah. A beautiful baby girl was born to Donald Isaac Kolb and Ethel Daniels Kolb. They named her Naturitch, after the heroine from the play written by Edwin Milton Royle “The Squaw Man”. Her name being difficult to pronounce she was called “Sis” throughout the family.

Naturitch Neilsen as a young lady
"Naturitch Neilsen
as a young lady"

Being the second child of eight children and the first daughter of the Donald Kolb family, Naturitch was given a myriad of responsibilities including the care of younger siblings. Taught by her mother Ethel to be a hard working young woman in their home, Naturitch was a natural homemaker, when she became a wife and mother.

Blue-eyed Clyde Nielsen caught the attention of Naturitch after she returned home from Sherman Institute in Riverside, California where she graduated from high school and received her Certificate of Nursing. They married after a short courtship. Children came to bless the home of Naturitch and Clyde beginning with a sweet daughter LaJean, next came another daughter, delightful Janice (pronounced Janeece), a third daughter lovable Sonja, and then to make things more interesting a fourth captivating baby girl Gwendolyn (Gwen) was born. She was all blond-haired and blue-eyed. Three boys came after that namely Lonny, Manfred, and Lloyd. They were a joy and a great source of pleasure to a family of girls. Becky Ann came three years later as a pleasant surprise. Naturitch found contentment in this little girl who was spoiled and loved by her brothers and sisters.

Naturitch and Clyde lived in a small log home on the banks of the Gray Mountain canal in Bridgeland, Utah. Living so close to the canal was an unrelenting worry for Naturitch due to the eminent danger of her children getting too near to the canal and drowning.

Although their home was small there was a great deal of living and learning going on. Naturitch taught her children the value of hard work and is therefore the fulfilled mother of productive, outstanding, and steadfast citizens. Two of her sons served in the armed forces. She continued to not only work in the home as mother and wife but also as a nurse at the old Fort Duchesne Hospital. Hard work was no stranger to her consequently she took in laundry, ironing and did house cleaning. She was employed at the old Ouray Trading Post in Ouray, Utah for approximately two years. This required daily trips over rough, dusty, and undesirable roads.

Clyde a hardworking farmer and trapper was a wonderful father who loved and enjoyed his children. He died at the early age of 50.

Having eight children to care for Naturitch was a very shrewd and prudent homemaker, like her mother; as a result she canned everything that was grown in the garden. And subsequently this art of canning rewarded her.  One year she entered fifty or more of her scrumptious canned goods including jams, jellies, preserves, pickles, fruits, and vegetables at the Duchesne County Fair. Naturitch received a blue ribbon for each Jar she entered.

Naturitch enjoyed crocheting during these years and took every opportunity to crochet some of the prettiest doilies along with other lovely items of which she sold to help support her family. Quilting has been and still is a main leisure interest. Naturitch has quilted hundreds of quilts ranging from ordinary appreciation to colorful and strikingly extraordinary quilt top designs. Her latest creation is an exceptional multicolored patch design made from leftover fabric of former times when Naturitch would sew elegant designer formals for Saturday playthings for her daughters.

In later years, Naturitch met Glade Davis of Neola and they were married. Their fifteen years of marriage were happy and peaceful for the both of them. The responsibilities of life were not so demanding then. They enjoyed many activities namely, camping, fishing, dancing and just being together. Glades death left a great void for Naturitch and her family, as all loved him.

Naturitch (Kolb) Nielsen
Naturitch still has
her youthful smile!

Naturitch is full of pride for her Native American legacy being the granddaughter of Rose and Aaron Daniels, who are well known throughout Utah history and early settlement's of the Uintah Basin.

Naturitch finds consolation whenever she visits with her sister LaDonna Johnson, and brothers Ty and Quentin Kolb. Her brothers Lloyd, Manfred, Devon Kolb are missed and she continues to grieve over the recent loss of her brother Jewell Kolb in July 2004.

Her children recall and recognize the hard laborious days of sacrifice Naturitch, their devoted mother made in their behalf. And say THANK YOU mom. We love you.

Note: Naturitch (Kolb) Neilsen passed away on November 27, 2008. Naturitch was 93 years 6 months and 27 days old...

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