Picture's of the Uinta's, past and present!
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Jim Atwine,
a headman of the Uinta's

Julius Murray, roll #305
Sprirtual Leader of the Uinta's

Standing - Clarence (Pamp) Harris, roll #162,
Connie Mack Denver, roll #89,
Seated - Lillie (Reed) Wash, roll #466

Standing, left to right - Lula (Harris) Murdock,
roll #294, Lorena (Denver) Iorg, roll #191
and seated is Wabbin Wangetl

Mary Mae Larose and Julius Murray

Henry and Mary (Reed) Harris

Illa (Hendricks) Chivers, Before Termination.
Member of the Rodeo Cowboys Association (R.C.A.)

Illa (Hendricks) Chivers,
Flag Day's Rodeo, Rifle, Colorado
June 14, 1954

Illa (Hendricks) Chivers, roll #104
Terminated Mixed-Blood Uinta

Elmer Hackford, Roll #133 and Daughter Rebecca

Elmer Hackford, and His Dad, George Hackford

John Delmar Gardner, Roll #120

Ella Eldor Pike,
Mother of John Delmar Gardner #120

Danny Lopez, Son of #260
Featherweight Champion 1974