Picture's of Terminated Uinta's, past and present!
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Oran Curry, roll #59

Elizabeth and SamBumgarner's Store,
late 1940's, early 1950's, north of Ft. Duchense
on the U &O Reservation, and located on Hwy 40

Elizabeth (Curry) Bumgarner, roll #30

Liz as a young girl

Reggie Bumgarner & Bonnie Murry at Elizabeth (Curry) Bumgarners Grave, Fort Duchesne, UT, November 1963

left to right,
Liz Bumgarner's youngest daughter Marleen, roll #34
and friend's Annette and Sue Denver

Marleen Elizabeth Bumgarner, roll #34

Oranna (Bumgarner) Felter, roll #32 and her
Aunt Oreane (Curry) Garcia roll #199

Kaden (Little Hawk) Peterson
Great Grandson of Oranna B. Felter, roll #32

Kassie & Kobe Peterson
Great Grandchildren of Oranna B. Felter, roll #32

Zoey Van Ausdale, UBIC 2009 Winner
Great Grandaughter of Oranna B. Felter, roll #32

Bear Dance 1952, Far Left,
Oranna B. Felter, roll #32, Angelia and
Nola Zuniga roll #490

Mary (Reed) Harris, roll #168 (1858-1960)

The Family of Elmer and Mary (Harris) Denver

Alvin Richardson Denver, roll #87,
Age 12, taken in 1932

Alvin Richardson Denver,
(June 24, 1920-Nov. 20, 2004)

Connie Mack Denver Sr. roll #89

Connie Mack and Wife Rosalyn (Rose) Denver

Melton Denver, roll #102 (1936-1968)