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Interior invite renews hopes

Uintah Basin Standard, June 30, 2009
Reader Forum - Interior invite renews hopes

Oranna B. Felter, Roosevelt

Dear Editor,

On June 22, I received an invitation from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Interior to attend the ceremonial swearing in of Assistant Secretary of the Interior Larry EchoHawk on Friday in Washington, D.C. For me to receive this most wonderful invitation was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't believe that after 50-plus years I, a terminated American Indian, was finally being recognized to attend the swearing in of Assistant Secretary of the Interior Larry EchoHawk. I cannot tell you how much this means to me and my people to know that we are not forgotten; that we will continue to have hope in our hearts, minds, and spirits that the termination will soon end.

I was unable to attend the ceremonial swearing in, because I just didn't have the funds to travel back to Washington, D.C. But at least I was invited, and that gives me great hope that all of my years of work on the termination are finally being heard.

I ask that all terminated members keep your prayers going. Never give up. To give up is to give in, and we will never let this happen. I want to thank all of the dedicated members on the Felter v. Salazar case (you know who you are) who continue to support our case through thick and thin. Be proud of who you are and what you represent by supporting this historical case.

I hope we will be hearing from the judge soon, and I hope it's good news. It has been a long hard journey for all of us, but until then our work will continue.

Blessings to all of you, and please keep the fires burning until our journey for justice is complete.

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