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The Ute Partition Act was the first step in the Governments experiment to solve the Indian problem and was going to happen no matter what, even if those it effected had any objection's to this policy.¹

This Act terminated Federal supervision of the Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation and was to be implemented in two parts. The first part split the Ute Indians of Utah into two group's by classifying them as either full blood or mixed blood, with the mixed bloods targeted for immediate termination With the passage of the Ute Partition Act in April of 1954 by the United States Congress.

In 1956 a final roll was posted with the names of all the member of the Ute Indian Tribe listed as full blood or mixed blood. All those who were listed on this roll as mixed bloods which became final 90 days after publication in the Federal Register, with final termination of their Indian idenities slated to ending by 1961.

The full bloods were to have been terminated within ten years after the passage of the UPA in 1954, this was the second part, which never happened.

Pay no attention to the
man behind the curtain!

With the urging of Attorney John S. Boyden, an artful manipulator who was the Attorney for both group's and was the main architect in implementing Senator Watkins termination plan, the Bureau of Indian Affairs amended the Ute Partition Act, allowing the termination of the full blood's listed on the final roll of 1954 and whose Children were born after publication of the final roll to be put on hold.

In 1970, termination was no longer looked upon by the government as a viable solution to the Indian problem. In 1973, Congress ended the policy.    ( President Nixon's special message of July 8, 1970)

The official end of Indian Termination was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in the Tribally Controlled Schools Act of 1988.

(* "Termination's Legacy: The Discarded Indians of Utah & The Dispossessed: Cultural Genocide of the Mixed Blood Utes.)

Termination upon 13 western Indian Tribes was repealed in the early 1970's expect for the Mixed Blood Uinta Ute's of Utah. THIS MISPLACED BAND OF UINTA'S HAS PAID DEARLY BECAUSE OF THIS FORCE TERMINATION! Because of this policy of termination these Native Indian People have and are facing DISCRIMINATION in every form, including their rights as descendant's of American Indians to health service and Indian Religious Freedom. Today there are a number of mixed blood's facing legal action which has been taken against them for practicing their belief in the Native American Religion which includes the use of Eagle Feather's as a part of their worship.

The Department of the Interior and BIA officials says these Indians have to garner support from Utah Senators and Congressmen to sponsor a bill to repeal Public Law 84-671, known as the Ute Partition Act of 1954. To date no Utah Senator or Congressman has been willing to help these Indian People stop this Genocidal Policy. Could it be its because these Treaty Indian People are heirs to vast mineral wealth and if the Ute Partition Act were to be repeal, some non-Indians and corporations stand to lose millions of dollars?"

In a letter dated October 24, 1984, which was sent to the Department of the Interior from the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs, the then chairman Mark Andrews stated:

"Although the report explains generally what has transpired since the group's termination in 1954, the report raises questions involving the legality of the termination itself as well as the sale of corporate stock prior to the expiration of the 10-year period after termination. The Committee has received many letters requesting our involvement in clarifying, if not rectifying the terminated Ute's situation."

This and other requests have been ignored over and over by the BIA for over fifty years because the original intent of the Ute Partition Act was allowed to go Awry. Backed by the mendacity of individuals working behind the scenics who can only be caricaturized as fraus pia, having a supersilious, arrogant, ingratiating unctuous attitude towards these terminated Indians!

These Indian People tell how they have faced intimidation and threats from sources unknown when attempts are made to bring their struggle before public scrutiny. It seems everyone except the terminated Mixed Blood Uinta's of Utah has reaped the rewards from this so called Indian Emancipation Act.

When Bill Clinton was President of this United States, he made a statement that all Indian Treaty's will be honored by the United States. When? Many Mixed Blood Uinta's have been reduced to state welfare roll as well as their offspring. Whom the system claims are not recognized Indians: CFR Code of Federal Regulations c alls them Mixed Blood members of the Ute Tribe. But the Ute Tribe says they are terminated and no longer Indians. Under the color of Law using divide and conquer, the "Ute Partition Act" has and is being used as a form of Genocide to take the wealth in land and resources that once belonged to these Uinta Indians of Utah. which are now controlled by a cabal of non-Indian grifters, who preen themselves superciliously!

For fifty five years, these Indian people have been living in political exile upon their dispossessed Treaty land while the plenary Congressional Authorities have been ignoring this injustice and their, "Cri De Coeur"! The Federal Court system has case upon case involving this issue, which has been a long slow process spanning over four decades. While the Federal Government uses multitudes of  Attorney's to find ways to stop these Indian People from presenting evidence that would prove their claim and right the wrongs created by this systematic Genocide Policy.

Lie's, broken promises, and lost of real and personal property has left most of these Indians destitute, living in abject poverty and in the dark as to what the future holds for them. Not knowing the truth from a lie. All the while the Government refuses to end this Tragedy!

¹ "Termination's Legacy:" The Discarded Indians of Utah

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