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Which is the correct spelling?

In the begining the original Reservation was called the Uinta Valley River Reservation which was set up by an Executive Order in 1861. Some years ago a terminated Uinta went to the United States National Archives in Washington D.C. and discovered that the Executive Order of 1861 had been removed and was missing, along with the Census Rolls of our people from 1880. The only census roll on file was from 1912 to 1929.

Starting with the Allotment Act of 1902, an (h) was added to the spelling of the word "Uinta" in all Government documents having to do with the Ute Indian Tribe on the newly renamed Uintah and Ouray Reservation. This mis-spelling had a dark reasoning behind it, that would later have negitive effects on the Uinta Band.

The (h) was used in the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) in 1937 as Identification on the Segregated Corporate identification Roll.

Elder's, in the past, of the Uinta Band have always wondered why this was done? Was it a mistake made by a typist within the Government? Or was it deliberately added by Government Officials to distort Official Documents in order to hide the Uinta's true identity's so they could not be linked to the "Shoshone Goship Tready of 1864", but to link them to the Ute Indians from Colorado!

"Some individuals, including yours truly, believe it was Intentionally added by Government Officials to distort the true identity of the Uinta Indians!"

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