The Ute Distribution Corporation

The Ute Distribution Corporation located in Roosevelt Utah, was issued a corporate charter by the State of Utah on December 9, 1958 to jointly manage, with the Ute Tribe, all assets not subject to division under the UPA and to distribute the revenue from the assets to those 490 Ute Indians terminated by the Ute Partition Act. Today Ute Distribution claims that the majority of the stocks are owned by Terminated Uinta's of the Ute Indian Tribe. According to U.D.C's own list of current stockholders, only a handful of the names on their stockholds list are Terminated Uinta's. Out of the 4,900 shares less the 500 are currently owned by a terminated Indian the rest are owned by non-Indians. Below is the name's of the Shareholders(1) who as of 2003 are receiving royalty checks from U.D.C. stock. Stocks which once belonged to the Indians that were Terminated by the Ute Termination Act of 1954, (P.L. 671,) and who were suppost to receive 27% of the assets of the Reservation.


Ute Distribution Corporation is a "Closed Aggregate Corporation", a private corporation whose shares are not available for sale to the general public. Their line of business is listed in many business informational publications as a "lessors of oil & gas wells and lessors of real property."

This stock's were originally created for the sole benefit of the original 490 Terminated Uinta Ute's and was not to be sold to any individual or group outside of the terminated Uinta's group. Out of 460 plus names on their list, approximaately 440 are Non-Indian, with a number being trust corporations. The question now is, if the "Ute Partition Act of 1954" forbits selling any stock assets prior to 1964. How is it that by 1963, 90% were in the possession of Non-Indians?

Apparently these individuals and so called Trusts which appear on Ute Distribution Corporation list have been and are breaking the law. Their have been and are committing fraud and using plain deceit by claiming to represent those 490 "Terminated" Uinta's, who today have no vested interested in this corporation!

It appears that Congress has failed to uphold their own laws, which they passed in 1954 and therefore are in violation of the Constitution of these United States.

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Next to the stockholders name appears either an N or O
The N means non-Indian ownership, the O is for Original Terminated 490.

Current List of Stockholds who are non-Indian as of Febuary 2, 2010

(1) The accuracy of the named stockholder can not be corroborated thru the U.D.C. and there for is not guaranteed!

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